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I love plants. I often call my plants at home “my babies”; I truly take pleasure in seeing them develop, bloom and shine. To be honest, a couple of them are show-off’s when they bloom.

Plants, trees, flowers, even fungi (in forests: not in any kitchen, bathroom, etc.: ewgh) totally relax me. Plants inspire me with their growth, their apparent simplicity, their beauty and their elegance.

For all of us, it’s essential to find something that relaxes us. Whether it’s nature, exercise, music… whatever works for you. Because we are living in an ever-busy, distracting world. We are on our mobile phone’s too much. Anxiety levels are high. Especially in cities.

Even though I have epilepsy, even though I’ve had brain surgery and even though I still occasionally have seizures, I manage my international public speaking and Epilepsy Sparks though looking after myself first. It took a very long time for me to figure out the importance of doing so. It’s such a simple thing but I realised that if I was unwell, then my work would be below par, that would make me feel terrible mentally, cause me stress and reduce my productivity further.

I started finding time to walk alone, through areas of beauty and discovered another passion of mine: flowers. I was stunned that I’d been so busy and stressed in life that I hadn’t given time appreciate flowers. From trips around the world (I’m lucky to have this from my work) I found beautiful differences in nature according to climate. I then developed a skill photographing (from my phone, granted) these stunning flowers and had people around the world appreciating them on Instagram too! This was all because I'd made a concerted effect to step away from the stresses of life.

When I come back to my laptop after being at one with nature, I am calm, refreshed, inspired and productive. It’s fantastic for my mental health.

Employers who want effective staff need to realise the importance of relaxation and mindfulness for employees. With a more stable mind and a greater sense of wellbeing, employees are more productive, healthier and make better team members. Sickness levels are lower. Staff retention is higher.

As much as I hate cheesy sayings, truly: Health is Wealth. Wealth not just for the individual, but for the employer and for the country.

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